Monday, December 05, 2011

December Meeting

Hi everyone,

We are having our annual  "de-stashing" auction this Tuesday, December 5th.  

Please bring yarn, books needles or other accessories from your stash that you think another knitter may enjoy. Please try to ensure ball-bands are on the yarn or write out a brief description about the yarn. Unsold yarn will be donated to a senior’s home and the proceeds of the auction will go to a charity.

Please bring a sheet of paper with your item written at the top. Members will write their bids on this paper. Make sure you bring a pen for your own bidding!



  1. The de-stashing auction that happened last night was a great success and sooo much fun. Thanks to everyone and especially to the organizers. Hopefully this will be become an annual event. I love my new 'loot'.
    Linda Greenway

  2. Thanks Linda! It was a fun night. And I hope you have fun finding new projects for your new loot.