Wednesday, May 01, 2019

Elections Update

Hello Everyone,
A quick update on our Elections for 
our Executive. See below - 

Guild Elections
It’s that time of year when we 
invite members to join the executive to help plan and host guild meetings and events.
Executive positions are filled 
by volunteers who are nominated and elected.
All positions are 1 year terms, 
no position can be held for more than 3 consecutive terms.
Every position is open for 
nominations and election every year!
Here is the current slate 
of candidates for the 2019-2020 year

President                 Jane Cudmore
Vice President         Lisa MacKenzie
Treasurer                Lori Hamilton
Secretary                   Vacant
Programme               Alex Gall
Membership          Dianne Merriam
Website                  Edith Carlton

Of course, we are particularly interested in filling the Vice President and Secretary positions.
However, if you would like to 
put your name forward for any of the above positions, please contact any member of the current Board.
We will have copies of the 
Guild Bylaws (include position descriptions) and members of the Board will be available to discussion roles and responsibilities for interested candidates at our next meeting on Tues May 7.
Jane Cudmore 

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