Sunday, May 26, 2019

Our Last Meeting of the Season

Hello Ladies,
Has your 'pile of potential' got out of hand.
A perfect solution is for you to come along
to our last meeting of the season and bring
those yarn skeins etc....that you know for
sure that your won't use, and add them
to our Stash Buster Auction. Helping us
to put more money into our kitty and also
a chance for you to, maybe (dare I say it)
'add' to your stash.  There are always
interesting yarns and notions brought by
our members. Bring some cash, just in case.
We have invited, we will call them,
'the ladies from Mac' who knit to
supply the gift store in the hospital
with knitted gifts.  They will bring
some of their work and explain how the
program works.
Also we will have our Elections for
next year's Executive. and we will tie up
the loose ends for the year and prepare a
little for the year ahead. If there are any
ideas you might have for speakers, or
programs or knitting activities, please
speak to any of the new Executive.
It should be a fun night and we can get
to say "au revoir" to our Guild friends
till September.

Tuesday June 4th, 2019  7pm - 9pm
       Mennonite Church Hall,
          143 Lower Horning,
           Hamilton, Ontario

(Round the back at the Left Hand side
of the building and in the lower level)

       Have a Fabulous Summer!!!!

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