Monday, March 30, 2020

Things you Should Know, Though Not Unexpected

Dear All,
Some things to think over:
We hold elections in June.
All positions are considered vacant
every year. 
Some of the current Executive is 
interested in continuing in their role 
while others have decided to step aside. 
Here is the current list of people
interested in working on the Executive 
for the year 2020-2021
  • President - Jane Cudmore
  • Vice President - Linda Hilts
  • Treasurer - Lori Hamilton
  • Secretary - Jane Walker
  • Webmaster - Edith Carlton
  • Membership - Kathy Radcliffe 
  • Program - vacant
As you can see, we need someone
to fill the Program position. 
Although the positions have specific 
responsibilities, we all pitch in on all 
the tasks.
If you are interested in any of the 
positions or want more information 
about being on the Executive, please 
contact Jane Cudmore at 

Premier Ford just shut down all non-
essential services to accelerate the 
efforts to manage the Covd-19 
That means our ATBKG meeting 
on April 7, is cancelled.
I know we can all justify knitting as 
an essential activity, but we must 
be good citizens and agree that 
knitters meetings are not essential 
Please continue to use up your 
stash, look after each other, and 
keep in touch.
Here's hoping we can have a 
social knitting meeting in May.
Hope you'll be there.

Keep Healthy. Wash your hands.

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