Wednesday, April 29, 2020

May (Virtual Reality) Meeting


We're having a virtual meeting in May!
This is a long message because we are trying 
something new. Please read all the way through 
and RSVP with your choices. Thanks!

When - Tuesday May 5, 7 - 8:30 PM

Where - We're using the Zoom meeting platform. 

Welcome and Meeting Check in.

Show and Share - Finding the Pandemic Silver Lining 
Any one of the following:
-  Something you've knitted.
-  Some knitting related resource you 
    found. (for example - website, 
    virtual conference, etc.)
-  Some knitting skill you've learned. 
   (for example - Applied Icord, 
    Turkish Cast On, etc.)

Door Prize
June Meeting 
Other ways to connect?

Here’s what we need from you.
If you plan to attend the meeting please 
RSVP by email to
Indicate in your reply:
1.     I will be attending – yes, no, maybe
2.     I will have something for show and share. 
                     – yes, no, maybe
3.     What help you'll need to get started in Zoom.
4.     Don’t need any help thanks!
5.     The documents and links you shared are enough. 
        (links to documents at end of this message)

6.     I really need a practice Zoom meeting 
        with an ATBKG Executive member.

When we hear from you:
We’ll send you the link to the meeting.

An invitation to a practice Zoom meeting, if requested.

Zoom Meeting Resources

1) If you are an absolute beginner and want 
step-by-step help to get started - 

2) This resource is the guide to the participant 
controls on the Zoom screen 

3) Here are some tips to make your Zoom 
meeting more rewarding 
to practice connecting audio and video, sharing content, 
and using the Participant and Chat panels.

Please reply soon, so that we can have more
time to help you, if necessary.

See you on Zoom .............

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