Monday, October 28, 2019

Remember, Remember the 5th of November.

Well, Everyone,
Fall is here - Let's get thinking about new
knitting projects.  Looking forward
to this month's meeting where Kate Hand
from Handknit Yarn Studio - (just realized
that's where the name comes from) is
going to be our special speaker and -
Kate will be talking about how to go
about starting a big project
like a sweater, large shawl or anything
you like.
It's called Project Prep Basics Workshop.
- How to choose a suitable pattern, learn
swatching and gauge, how to adjust needle
size, and yarn substitution.
 - These are all tools to make your knitting
experience easier. 
It will be a two hour presentation,
one hour instruction and one hour of one
on one sessions.

You can bring yarn and needles, a swatch, or a
pattern that you have already chosen, for a
project that you are thinking of starting,

See you all there.
There will be Door Prizes and our 50:50 Draw.
Tuesday Evening - November 5th, 2019

        Happy Halloween!!!!!
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Saturday, September 28, 2019

October Meeting on the 1st October.

Hello Fellow Knitters,
Thinking of what a fun time we had at our
last meeting in September and wanted to
share some of the photos that were taken.

Trischa was our Instructor on 'Making
Handbags from Plastic Bags' - Great Job!!
             Diligently working!! Here are a few more pics from  Show and Share.          Lots of wonderful work!!

 What a lot of talented women!!!
Hope that you will be there on Tuesday, when we will have one of our intrepid leaders, Lisa help us discover and explore        'Tips and Tricks on Ravelry'    

Monday, September 23, 2019

Tuesday - October 1st - Reminder

Hello Fellow Guilders,

An update and reminder that the Guild
Meeting for October is on
Tuesday October 1st 2019.

Other info to follow  . . . . . . soon. . . . . . . . .

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

September Meeting

Hello Everyone,

Just a reminder to remind you that our
first meeting of the year is on Tuesday,
September 3rd, 7 - 9pm

Mennonite Church Hall,
 143 Lower Horning,
Hamilton, Ontario

(Round the back at the Left Hand side
of the building and in the lower level)

Bring your knitting of course, and any 
finished projects you'd like to share. 
Bring some cash for the 50/50 draw.

Also a large size crochet hook about 5/6/7
size  and a few plastic bags so that we can
be instructed in the way in which Trishcia 
made her plastic bag handbag, that we 
saw at Show and Share in June.
See you All there.

Happy Knitting!!!

Wednesday, August 07, 2019

Head's Up

Hello Every Knitter,
Hope that you are all enjoying the summer weather
and all the activities it brings.
Just wanted to let you know a few things about our
upcoming first meeting of the "year".
First of all here are all the dates when we will meet.

First Tuesday of the Month,
Sept - June, from 7-9 pm.
(doors open at 6:30 pm.)

Sep 3rd Oct 8th Nov 5th
Dec 3rd Jan 7th Feb 4th
Mar 3rd Apr 7th May 5th
and June 2nd.

And here are the ideas you all contributed:
ATBKG - Stop - Start - Keep
Results from Jun 4, 2019

- Better room arrangement - rounder
table set up so we can see and hear
each other and presenters.
- Use Overhead Projector
to support teaching new techniques
- How to recruit more members -
Spectator, Ancaster, Dundas newspapers
- Give us access to other members
contact information.
- Demos in smaller groups
- Help subscribing to the blog.
- Earlier (more?) meeting notifications.
- Field Trips on 'off work' hours
Show and Share
Local Dyers and Yarn Makers
50:50 Draw
Door Prizes
Field Trips
Our first meeting (Sept. 3rd) will be one
where we learn how to make the bag
that Trischa showed us at our last
"Show and Tell" in June.

So to enable you to make this - Trischa says,
"These are nice bags to work with  
- Shoppers Drug Mart, Giant Tiger, 
Arlene’s, Home Hardware, Home Depot, 
Best Buy, Rexall, Forever 21, Clair’s, 
Hudson Bay, Toy’s R Us etc…but preferably
NOT  PC/Fortino's as they are difficult to work with".
So start to collect a few and bring them along 
to the meeting, along with a Size J crochet hook,
or the largest one you have and scissors too.
Trischa will bring some supplies as well.

Thought you might need some time to accumulate
 the bags, so that's why the "Head's Up"

Also - last but not least -
This should be a Fun Day!!  Let's get a group up!!

Info for Attendees. The Kitchener-Waterloo Knitters’ Fair 
is the oldest and largest one-day knitting event in Canada. 
Organized and hosted by the Kitchener-Waterloo Knitters' Guild, 
it is truly organized "by knitters, for knitters".

That's all for now folks!!!

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Something of Interest

Hello Everyone,
First of all a quick request.  Does anyone have a skein of
handspun wool, that could be lent to Mirdza for the
upcoming Latvian Song and Dance Festival,
where there will be a display of Latvian Mittens???
Please contact Mirdza at

Now to tell you a little of the Mitten Exhibit
It is to be held on July 4th - 7th, 2019 during the
Latvian Festival.  The mittens will be shown in the
Hilton Toronto in the Simcoe Room.  Here is a link to
tell you more about the all the events.

Latvian Mitten Exhibition
The oldest Latvian mittens, made using a needle-weaving 
technique called ‘nalbinding’, go as far back as the 
13th century. After the arrival of knitting, mittens 
were transformed into the multi-coloured jewels 
we see today.
In the cold Latvian landscape, mittens not only 
make life bearable; they play important parts in 
rites of passage such as christenings, weddings 
and funerals. They reflect our design and colour 
choices, our knitting skills and regional differences.
This exhibition showcases mittens like those knit 
by Latvian women throughout the centuries; 
how wool – straight off the sheep’s back – is 
transformed into ornate mittens using various 
implements, vegetable dyes, and charted patterns. 
The display will include not only ethnographical 
reproductions of authentic Latvian mittens, 
but also samples of ways in which contemporary 
knitters have used the patterns and techniques  
for mittens and beaded wrist-warmers to make 
other objects such as hats, scarves, purses 
and ornaments.

We hope that this exhibition will encourage the 
next generation of knitters and fiber artists to 
carry on and develop our cultural heritage.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Summer Knitting 2019

Hello EveryKnitter,

What a fun time we had at our end of year meeting!!
Many of you brought along lots of interesting things
for our Silent Auction and what fun we had outbidding
each other.  We managed to add to our stash and also
get rid of some yarn we likely would not have used
otherwise.  Great job!! Thanks to Lisa and helpers
who made it all work out so well.

We also had two lovely ladies from McMaster, who
are volunteers, organizing and helping others to
maintain the knitting section at the McMaster Gift

They brought lots of lovely knitted things and showed
us what is popular at the store and they also asked
us that if anyone was interested in knitting
volunteering, to contact them at the McMaster
Gift Store.

Thank you Alex for being our
Programme Chair for this year, and bringing us
so many good and interesting speakers.

JoAnne talked to us about Linus Blankets for young
children one of our Outreach Projects and Ali spoke
about another one - our Twiddle Muffs, for Alzheimer
patients.  She showed us some pretty colourful ones.

We also heard from two of our ladies who had organized
KAL's this knitting year. Cathie who's group knitted
Twined Mittens. The group had brought in some to show us.

The other KAL was Latvian Knitting organized by
Mirdza. It looks very pretty work. Both KAL's were
enjoyed by quite a few members of our Guild. 
It's great to get together and do the same project,
and help each other out if we get stuck.

Our other KAL is our Sock group which meets once
a month in various member's homes, and has been
'on the go' for a few years now.

Pam also kept us up to date with some statistics from
our knitting year.  Our attendance was very consistent.
23 members on average.  We had 9 (average)Show
and Tell items each month.
Thank you Pam, for taking minutes and notes
of all our doings during this past year.

And of course we had our Final Show and Tell.  See all
the pictures below.  Many talented knitters and crafters
in our group. Thank you all.





Also - 
'A Big Thank You' to Our Executive, who put in
time and thought into making our Guild a
great place to come to meet up with fellow knitters
and enjoy their company.

Below - you will see some interesting knitting happenings
to keep you busy over the summer months.
The Hamilton Public Library has Knitting Groups which
meet regularly. Each branch has it's own Group

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Our Last Meeting of the Season

Hello Ladies,
Has your 'pile of potential' got out of hand.
A perfect solution is for you to come along
to our last meeting of the season and bring
those yarn skeins etc....that you know for
sure that your won't use, and add them
to our Stash Buster Auction. Helping us
to put more money into our kitty and also
a chance for you to, maybe (dare I say it)
'add' to your stash.  There are always
interesting yarns and notions brought by
our members. Bring some cash, just in case.
We have invited, we will call them,
'the ladies from Mac' who knit to
supply the gift store in the hospital
with knitted gifts.  They will bring
some of their work and explain how the
program works.
Also we will have our Elections for
next year's Executive. and we will tie up
the loose ends for the year and prepare a
little for the year ahead. If there are any
ideas you might have for speakers, or
programs or knitting activities, please
speak to any of the new Executive.
It should be a fun night and we can get
to say "au revoir" to our Guild friends
till September.

Tuesday June 4th, 2019  7pm - 9pm
       Mennonite Church Hall,
          143 Lower Horning,
           Hamilton, Ontario

(Round the back at the Left Hand side
of the building and in the lower level)

       Have a Fabulous Summer!!!!

Sunday, May 12, 2019

An Excellent Evening

What a lovely evening we had last Tuesday at the Guild Meeting.
We learned so much about"Fading" and lots of other knitting
'how to's as well.  Kudos to Julie from Needle Emporium who
gave an excellent presentation and brought lots of examples
for us to see.  I'm sure we all learned a lot and can put it
into practice.  Looking forward to seeing some of your
'fading' projects at Show and Tell.

Here are some of the pictures from the evening.
Check out our Facebook Group Page for some more pictures.