Thursday, March 28, 2019

Is it Spring Yet??


During our April Meeting (Tuesday 2nd) we will be
pleased to welcome Nancy Cooper who has a farm in
Copetown where she raises animals and produces wool.
We hope to learn more about her business and how it
operates. (Bring money in case there might be stash to
buy, you never know)

Please also bring a w.i.p. that you are not so sure about
and we will help you decide whether you should keep
working on it, frog it, or throw it in the garbage (as if).

It will soon be time to nominate members for our next
year's Executive.
Please think about becoming part of our organizing
team and being able to contribute your ideas and skills
to our Guild.

Come and knit with us on Tuesday evening.

Usual time, usual place.

                       Tuesday April 2nd, 2019

                                 7pm - 9pm
                        Mennonite Church Hall,
              (left of building and round the back)
                          143 Lower Horning,
                           Hamilton, Ontario